Connection Refused Error Message in Windows Vista

There are two things you can try if connecting to a Windows Vista machine gives this error.

Enable NetBIOS

This switch is in FileBrowser's machine configuration page for each machine.

Try connecting with the switch first OFF then ON because occasionally Windows Vista requires FileBrowser to use the NetBIOS protocol.

Re-install File Sharing

Use the following steps to re-install Windows File and Printer Sharing.

  1. Launch Control Panel, then "Network and Sharing Center".
  2. Click "Change adapter settings" in the left-hand panel.
  3. Right-click on "Local Area Connection" and choose "Properties".
  4. If "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" is listed, select it, then click Uninstall. Then click Close, right click on "Local Area Connection" again and choose Properties again.
  5. Click "Install...".
  6. In the popup window, Select "Service" and click "Add...".
  7. The Window that pops up should have "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" listed. Select it and click OK.
  8. Click Close.
  9. Reboot your computer.


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