I dont see any folders when browsing Windows Vista over the network

Once you have successfully connected to a machine, the spinning orange icon changes to a computer. Tap this again to show the list of shares. If you don't see any, check for the following problems.

  • Not Shared

  • You might not have shared a folder yet. There are instructions on how to do this at the link below.

  • No Admin Shares

  • Admin Shares usually have a name with a $ at the end, but FileBrowser will show these as drive letters, such as C:, D: etc. You may need to enable Admin Share viewing in FileBrowser. Bring up FileBrowser's Config Page to see the 'Show Admin Shares' switch in the 'File Browsing Preferences' section. More information about Admin shares is available from the link below.

  • No Rights to See Shares

  • The computer or network storage device you connected to may not allow you to see all the available shares. In this case you need to add a share name to the list manually:

    1. Tap the machine entry to show the empty shares list.
    2. Tap the '+' or 'Add Share' button (top-right of the screen).
    3. Enter the name of the share.
    4. You may append a path to the share name if you need to jump straight to a particular folder, for example:
      • MyShareName/Path1/Path2


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