Windows 10 error message "Can't find server" or "Couldn't locate machine" in FileBrowser

This error message means that no device on the network has responded to the name that you have entered.

If you want to get connected as quickly as possible, use an IP address instead of a network name. You can return to this page later to try the network name once you know that FileBrowser will connect.

Home Environment

  1. In FileBrowser's "Computer Name" field enter just the computer network name and do not prefix with "HomeGroup", "WorkGroup" etc. If you normally use a UNC path such as "\\computername\sharename\foldername", just enter "computername" (without the quotes) into the "Computer Name" field.

  2. Try adding ".local" to the end of the computer name.

Work Environment

  • In a work environment you may need the DNS name of the target file server in FileBrowser's "Computer Name" field. Your system Administrator will be able to tell you this.

    However if you wish to find out for yourself
    Start a Command Prompt, simply press the Windows key and type 'Command" and select the Command Prompt App result that appears

    Windows 10 error cant find server or couldnt locate machine in FileBrowser

    Then in the Command Prompt app type the word "ping -4" followed by your computer name and press return, if you dont know the name of your computer you can find out here. The network name of the Windows machine in this example is computer3.

      C:\Users\John Smith>ping -4 computer3
      Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

    In this example "" should be entered into the "Computer Name" field.


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