How to configure Windows 10 Firewall for network sharing

If you have confirmed that folders are shared properly but you still cannot connect, then the Windows firewall may be blocking the network. Use the following steps to navigate to the firewall control screen.

  1. Press the Windows key and type 'Control" select the Control Panel App from the listing.

    How to configure Windows 10 for file sharing
  2. Now search for 'Firewall" in the top right and click "Allow an app through Windows Firewall."

    Change Windows 10 firewall options
  3. You should now see the following screen.

    Allow file and print sharings through my Windows 10 firewall

    Scroll down the list and ensure that "File and Printer Sharing" "Private" is ticked.

If you are not using Windows Firewall but are using a third party product such as ZoneAlarm or Norton Internet Security then a similar exception will be necessary. Please try disabling your firewall temporarily to see if this is the problem.


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