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Import Photoshop or Procreate Brushes into Procreate

Follow our Simple Guide to Import your Favourite Adobe .ABR Brush Files into Procreate on your iPad

"Import Procreate brushes using the FileBrowser app: Faster than dropbox, offline access to all brushes :)"
Cartoonist - Georg von Westphalen

Step 1

In Pro-Create tap the brushes icon to bring up the brushes menu, then tap the "+" icon.

Step 2

Now tap "Import" in the top right of the menu

Step 3

This will open the Files app in iOS11, now you have two options you can either:

  1. Find a brush file on a network computer or cloud storage simply tap on "FileBrowser Pro" and "Network folders"
  2. Find a brush you have stored on your iPad, simply tap "On My iPad" then "FileBrowser Pro".

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Step 4

Navigate to the correct folder where you stored your Photoshop or Procreate brushes.

Once you have found the brush you want simply tap on it.

Step 5

The Files app will dismiss and your brush has been imported.

Estimated Time: 1 minutes

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