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Import brushes into Procreate

Import Procreate brushes using the FileBrowser app: Faster than dropbox, offline access to all brushes :)

Cartoonist - Georg von Westphalen

Step 1

In Pro-Create tap the brushes icon to bring up the brushes menu, then tap the "+" icon.

ProCreate How to Import a new brush

Step 2

Now tap "Import" in the top right of the menu

ProCreate select Import option

Step 3

This will open the Files app in iOS11, now you have two options you can either:

  1. Find a brush file on a network computer simply tap on "FileBrowser Biz" and "Network folders"
  2. Find a brush you have stored on your iPad, simply tap "On My iPad" then "FileBrowser Biz".
Find your ProCreate brushes on your iPad

Step 4

Navigate to the correct folder where you stored your brushes.

Navigate to your brushes folder

Step 5

Once you have found the brush you want simply tap on it.

ProCreate select brush to import

Step 6

The Files app will dismiss and your brush has been imported.

ProCreate brush imported