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How to Open PSD Files in Procreate

Import PSD files into Procreate from your Computer or Cloud Storage

Step 1

In ProCreate tap "Import" in the top toolbar

Procreate import brushes

Step 2

The Files provider popup will appear, Tap "Browse" then select either FileBrowser Pro or FileBrowserGO and tap "Network Folders"

step 2 select import from

Step 3

Select your computer or cloud storage where your Photoshop PSD files that you want to import into ProCreate are stored.

Choose your computer or cloud storage

Step 4

Select the file you wish to import in this case "GoatMen.psd"

Select your PSD

Step 5

ProCreate will import your PSD with all your Layers intact.

Import your PSD file into Procreate

Export PSD Files from ProCreate

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Import Photoshop Brushes into ProCreate

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