Review - You can do pretty much everything in this app

Everything in One App

Sat, 28 Aug 2021 11:20:59 GMT
- UK AppStore - evilplan

5 Stars - Everything in One App

I paid for FileBrowser Pro because the original app was so great that I wanted to support the developer. I think it's really worth doing that when they create apps as good as this. It really does contain everything you need for file management. I've got it connecting to my Mac, to my photos, to all my cloud documents and more. It lets you connect to Google Drive, Dropbox and others. You really don't need anything else - this app does everything on every file service. And that includes recording and playing hi res audio and video files. You can do pretty much everything in this app. The developers have done such a great job - this app is really worth your money.

FileBrowser Professional is available for download on the iOS AppStore.

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