Error message Unknown username or password when connecting via SMB to Windows XP

Unknown username or password

This error message usually means that the user name and password don't match with one on your Windows XP computer.

Home Environment

To check your user name in Windows XP, use the following steps:

  1. Launch "Control Panel" via the Windows Start menu.
  2. If on the right-hand-side, the title is "Pick a category", click the "User Accounts" link and on the following page click "User Accounts" in the lower section of the right-hand pane. This should bring up a new window showing all the users on your PC. Skip the next step.
  3. Double-click "User Accounts" and a new window should appear showing all the user accounts on your computer in the lower part of the window.
  4. The Window that appeared should have a title of "Pick a task...". In the lower section of the window each account has an icon and 2 or 3 lines of text to the right of it. The first line is the username, and one of them should be familiar to you. We recommend choosing one that has "Computer administrator" written under it. Enter this first line into FileBrowser's "Username" field.
  5. If the account you have chosen does not say "Password protected" under it, then it has no password. This is not essential for Windows XP, but is highly recommended. If it is blank, then in FileBrowser you will need to tap the "Blank" button on the Password field. If the account is password protected, then the password you enter in FileBrowser is simply your password, but be careful when typing it because it is case-sensitive.
  6. If the account you chose does not say "Password protected" under it, you can create a password by clicking the user and on the following page, clicking the "Create a password" link and follow the instructions. Having a password will mean that you will need to enter it each time you boot your Windows PC.

Work Environment

At work, you will probably connect to a machine in a Windows Domain. You will need to prepend the user name with a domain name like this:


Note that you need to use a single back-slash character between the domain and user names.


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