Stream movies

Stream Movies to your iPad or iPhone

Browse through your movie or video files stored on your Mac, PC, Network Drive or Cloud storage and tap to start streaming.

Dropbox Mac Windows OneDrive

Stream from your Mac, Windows, Dropbox or OneDrive

No need to take up local storage or wait for a download. FileBrowser starts streaming straight away.

Stream HD content if your wireless network is fast enough.

The playback position of the last 100 videos will automatically be remembered.

Cast movies to your TV

Stream your Movies to your TV
AirPlay Chromecast

Cast FileBrowser's movie stream to your Apple TV or Chromecast device.

FileBrowser casts the original content and does not rely on screen mirroring.


Streams from my NAS to my chromecast flawlessly. Can't fault it :)

UK App Store - Paulio1980

5 Star

A wonderful utility

I use this app daily to access documents and media files on my home server via wifi. In this way I have virtually limitless access to data from any of my apple devices. With the help of VLC I can watch all media files on my Apple devices It is simply brilliant

USA App Store - Gray1946

5 Star

Great file access app

I access my movie library on my home server through this program and use AirPlay to watch. Works great!

USA App Store - Norm Fenlason

5 Star

Supported video formats

FileBrowser can play all video formats supported by Apple, including the following.

  • MP4

  • MOV

  • M4V

  • 3GP

  • 3G2

  • AVI

Stream to other apps

FileBrowser can launch the following apps for streaming.



GoodPlayer App


Infuse App


AVPlayer App


AVPlayerHD App

AVPlayer HD

OPlayerHD App

OPlayer HD

If you have another video player app or need to stream a format not supported by Apple, FileBrowser can stream to any app that accepts a URL.

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The following formats can be streamed through FileBrowser to other apps:



FileBrowser gives you complete freedom to stream your music from your Mac, PC, Network drives, or stored in the cloud.

Stream Music to your iPad or iPhone

No need to sync via iTunes or copy the music to your iPad or iPhone first.

Audio formats supported include:

  • MP3

  • M4a

  • Wav

  • Flac

  • Opus

Cast your music to Airplay or Chromecast

AirPlay Chromecast

Automatic network discovery of AirPlay and Chromecast devices.

Play Modes

Play modes

Multiple play modes allow you to play tracks from the current folder in sequence, randomize, repeat, or play a single track.

Queue Audio

Queue audio tracks

Browse your music library and queue tracks to the "Now Playing" list. Queue tracks from different folders, servers, or from cloud storage.

Queue Audio

Background audio

Stream music in the background whilst watching a photo slideshow, browsing the Internet, viewing documents, or whilst running other apps.

AudioBooks & Podcasts

AudioBooks & podcasts

Precise control of playback with 11 speeds, with automatic pitch adjustment.

Automatically remember your last playback position.

Use the multi-select feature to queue many tracks in one go.

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

A FileBrowserGO subscription unlocks all premium features.