Review - it just works without all the fuss

Brilliant! Best app! Woohoo!!

Fri, 22 Jul 2022 11:20:59 GMT
KellR - AppStore New Zealand

5 Stars - Brilliant! Best app! Woohoo!!

I think you guys have actually understood the Apple way....make it so it just works without all the fuss... I can access my BlackArmourNAS now and view my photos on my iPad....FINALLY I've found an app that works. IT JUST WORKS! THANK YOU! I can access the server at work over wifi and upload, download, create folders, delete files......AWESOME......pretty much like sitting at a desktop PC. Very good in-app help, it actually explains what to do (in layman's terms) and a great website. Worth every penny. Support emails responded to promptly. Best PDF viewer. Best file system..

FileBrowser is available for download on the iOS AppStore.

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