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Time Capsule
Network Drives
WiFi Drives
WiFi Drives
iCloud Drive
Google Drive
BackBlaze B2
BackBlaze B2
Amazon S3
Amazon S3

Browse all your files on your computers and cloud based storage and easily copy files from one place to another.

Stream Movies & Music

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Easy Setup

Our setup wizard will have you connected in no time.


Scan your WiFi network for computers or network drives.


Connect and Log in. No additional software is needed.


Start browsing your files from your iPad or iPhone.

The missing piece

Extend the Files app to browse your computers and cloud services

In-Place Document Editing

Access all your documents that are on your Mac, PC, Drive or in the cloud directly within your editing apps such as Word or Pages.

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Best of its kind

Looked at several other file browsing apps - none of them came close to the ease of use and functionality of this one.

UK App Store - guitar_jim

5 Stars

Best file manager in App Store

This is by far the best file manager in the App Store. New features keep being added as well! Must have!

UK App Store - iPhone_Guy

5 Stars

Stream your movies and music

Stream Movies & Music
Change Language and subtitles in movie files

Language and sub-titles

Change movie audio or subtitles to any language. You can also use SRT files.

Stream Unknown movie file types

Network streaming

No need to sync with iTunes or run out of space on your device.

Airplay and Chromecast your movie files

Cast Movies and Music

Stream a movie file or audio to your Apple TV or Chromecast device.


Browse your photos over WiFi

Browse your family photos on your computer or cloud storage directly to your iPad. You can also AirPlay or Chromecast them to the TV for the whole family.

Photo viewer

Everything you could want

everything that I could have hoped for in an app to make my network drives seem as if they're integrated into iOS

USA App Store - Seacap08

4 Stars

Sync and Backup

Sync your folders or documents from your PC, Mac or cloud storage to your iPad / iPhone.

Backup your iPhone / iPad Camera Roll and local documents to your PC, Mac, network drives or cloud storage.

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Out of the Office
Secure access to your documents from anywhere

Get to your documents no matter where you are

You don't need to be on your home network to access the documents on your computers. You can access them from anywhere using your iPad / iPhone.

This simple setup using ZeroTier should only take you 5 minutes and will provide secure access.

Simple Setup

Use Shortcuts with FileBrowserGO

Use the new Shortcuts app to create custom workflows within FileBrowserGO, such as editing photos and creating PDFs

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Premium support

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More features

Now you can do more than ever with FileBrowserGO, connect to more kinds of servers and be more productive with advanced file management actions.

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FileBrowserGO is for everyone

Multiple language support

FileBrowserGO has been professionally translated into English, French, German, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese, supporting over 1 million users worldwide.


We put significant effort into supporting our visually impaired users and are always delighted to hear how well FileBrowserGO works with iOS VoiceOver.

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

A FileBrowserGO subscription unlocks all premium features.