Windows 10 error message "Timed out connecting" or "Socket timed out"

How to share a Windows 10 folder

File Sharing isn't enabled

See our Windows 10 getting started guide on how to share a folder.

Check your Windows 10 Network Connection category

  1. Press the Windows key and type 'Settings" select the Settings App from the listing.

    Windows 10 error message timed out connecting or socket timed out
  2. Select 'Network and Internet'.

    Settings network options
  3. Select 'Status' on the left hand side and click the 'Properties' button below your Ethernet or WIFi adapter.

    Check your Network profile in Windows 10
  4. Under 'Network Profile' assign the 'Private' profile to this adapter.

    How to change your network profile from Public to Private in Windows 10

Now try to connect again using FileBrowser.

Timed out connecting/Socket timed out

"Enable NetBIOS" setting

Your firewall may be blocking one of the TCP ports that FileBrowser uses, attempt to connect with NetBIOS turn off and on.

Perform the following steps in FileBrowser:

  1. From FileBrowser's homescreen tap the 3 dots icon on your Windows 10 Connection and select 'Edit...'.

  2. Scroll down to the 'Enable NetBIOS' switch and turn it on, then tap 'Save'.
    Tap on your Windows 10 location to connect.


The Windows firewall could be blocking FileBrowser's network requests. We recommend switching off the firewall temporarily to prove whether this is the cause of the problem.
If you can connect when the firewall is disabled, please follow our guide how to configure Windows 10 firewall to permit 'File & Printer Sharing'.

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